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Changes with Free Samples

Unfortunately, the 2 free samples that have in the past been included with each big bottle, are now discontinued.

Why though, you may ask?

The short answer, nearly all costs associated with making bottled perfume samples have sky rocketed, making our business unprofitable. 

(Scroll down to "The Solution" to skip the long answer)

So which costs have skyrocketed? Great question!

The long answer is, nearly everything! 😲 See below 👇

Glass & Plastic Bottles - We previously offered 2 FREE 5ml samples that came in a frosted glass bottle with our logo imprinted in...

Same-Day Shipping

Many of you have asked for faster order processing...So we're making it happen!

Now enjoy same-day shipping when you order by 12 PM Pacific Standard Time! 😍

As we work through improving our operations, our future shipping goal is to offer same-day shipping for orders placed by 3PM Pacific Standard Time / 12 PM Eastern Standard Time with 2 - 5 day delivery across the entire continental U.S.!  

Thank you so much for your feedback, we will bring your suggestions to reality. 💋