Changes with Free Samples

Unfortunately, the 2 free samples that have in the past been included with each big bottle, are now discontinued.

Why though, you may ask?

The short answer, nearly all costs associated with making bottled perfume samples have sky rocketed, making our business unprofitable. 

(Scroll down to "The Solution" to skip the long answer)

So which costs have skyrocketed? Great question!

The long answer is, nearly everything! 😲 See below 👇

Glass & Plastic Bottles - We previously offered 2 FREE 5ml samples that came in a frosted glass bottle with our logo imprinted in shiny gold on them. It was gorgeous! Unfortunately, the cost to manufacture these beauties have doubled in cost over the last year. Our sample bottles were made in Asia.

Labels - Believe or not, labels are one of the most expensive costs associated with samples! Crazy, right? These small labels are custom made on a roll, and although small, the costs add up very quickly. Our labels were custom made by a wonderful local business in Sacramento, California. We could have had these made overseas as well, but when you consider shipping the labels by air, all the savings of making them overseas are diminished.

Raw Materials - Our incredibly high quality ingredients are sourced from Paris, France and Barcelona, Spain and these costs have too increased. And we certainly don't want to skimp out on quality. Perfume quality is the most important aspect of our business, and this will never change. ✨

Time To Make - Everything here is hand made. The blending, labeling, pouring, capping- every aspect is done in house by hand, by our wonderful team. When we first began, it was very easy to make samples for 10 fragrances, but as our collection of fragrances have expanded, financially it hasn't been possible to have all fragrance samples available at once. This is why many of you have been experiencing an order processing delay. We have received many many concerns about our order processing being too long, sometimes taking 7 days to process an order. Very long and frustrating right? Who wants to receive their order 2 or 3 weeks later? We don't want you to either. Samples take 5x more time to produce than big bottles. Over the last several months, as much as we've tried to have all samples available and all 50ml bottles available, we were never able to accomplish this financially nor physically.

One may say, why not order a machine to do the labeling, pouring, capping? Great question! We have considered this for months and unfortunately the costs associated with purchasing machinery would take away from being able to purchase perfume ingredients and develop new perfume. 

Shipping - Shipping unfortunately has also at minimum increased by 1.5x and in some areas 2x'd.

Leaking & Breaking Samples in Transit - Last but not least, no matter how perfect the bottles are, some glass samples will inevitably break in transit and plastic samples sometimes leak. To resolve the issue of broken samples, we would have had to add more packaging which would have resulted in a double-ended cost increase. One is the added cost of packaging and two is the added weight which increases the cost of shipping.

Wow! That's a lot right!?

Quite complicated operationally when you get down to the nitty gritty. 

The Solution We are going to be creating a scented catalog and offering samples for sale!

Within the catalog, there will be samples that you can smell and sample on your skin.

When will the catalog and brochures be available? A catalog will be ready for release likely in 2023! Although not ready today, these will be available for distribution in a few short months. 

The exciting news is that this adjustment to how we offer samples will simplify the entire process. And now, 1) Nearly ALL of our fragrances will be available at the same time, 2) You will now receive same-day shipping and 3) You will be able to sample any and all fragrances!

We sincerely appreciate each and every one of you and we will always be transparent, even during times of seemingly unfortunate news. Without you, there would be no Julianna's Perfume. One thing that always stands, is we will continue to bring you the best quality of perfume, that YOU request. We hope you continue supporting us during these changes. 💖 Thank you so much again for taking the time to read this post.

Please feel free to comment your thoughts on this change and any questions you may have!

With Love,
The Julianna's Perfume Team

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  • Samples I make beauty care products also make candle & breast cancer baskets into arts n crafts just started my business looking for good quality also ur best seller samples also ur less seller samples ur trash which I can make gold thank u for u time support me I will support u have a blessed wonderful day also oils bottles old candle jars anything old 526 killlmaster dr oscoda Michigan 48750

    • Octavia Tillman
  • Thank you for your explanation as I understand where you are coming from, however, providing the sample viles is what set you apart from other companies. I’m sure if there were a $5- $10 price increase per bottle to offset the all-around price increase customers would not mind that. Or even the option to purchase samples as a discovery kit would be more efficient and desired more than scents on paper. Sniffing paper and rubbing on skin is not the same as spraying on skin. I own approximately 6 bottles of your fragrances and I just added 3 to my cart and wanted to sample 4 to then see this notification. Please advise if your return policy will change or will there be the small sample of the full size still included with purchase. I for one am not interested in blind buying and not being able to return. I love your brand and your products that I have purchased thus far. There are cases in which I love your version more than the OG. Please do not lose loyal customers or turn off perspective new clients. Please provide options for those like myself who would not mind paying extra for samples.

    • Ingrid
  • Besides that buying your perfumes becomes more of a guessing game, bringing not always positive surprises, without those 2 samples your perfumes became pretty expensive, at least for Canadian customers.

    Scratch and sniff instead? How am I supposed to figure out how a perfume works with my body chemistry, and if I might like it in different temperature/ weather?

    Strange thing, almost all companies similar to yours have discovery sets, but you expect your customers to be happy blind buying and then having problem with returning or exchanging your products, or even swapping with another customers, because of mailing restrictions on perfumes.

    Finally, there are no reviews on your site and not everyone is on Facebook. It would be much easier to read reviews under each perfume, than looking for reviews among various conversations on Facebook.

    Please, try harder and make your customers lives easier, not even more difficult. Thanks

    • Ewa
  • I have a question to get the catalog will we have to make a purchase? What happens if I make a purchase before the day the catalog is released?

    • Esther Nava
  • Will the scented catalog be scents on paper? I have found these are not effective and are not representative of the true scent. I hope you will use vials put in a scented paper holder at least. Thanks

    • Virginia