International Shipping Update

We would like to inform you that we will be making some large changes with regards to International shipping over the upcoming months.

Beginning May 2022, we will no longer be shipping directly to International addresses. Though it may sound like somber news, you will still be able to purchase our fragrances. ūüėä

Shipping perfumes overseas have come with challenges. Challenges such as fragrances being considered dangerous goods. This factor has played a major role in our decision to switch to an International distributors-based model. 

Our goal is to begin the transition to working with various distributors located across the globe. In turn, this will significantly reduce shipping time, costs, and hopefully eliminate Taxes and Duties that are charged upon delivery. Imagine faster shipments and more affordable shipping costs! 

All in all, as we grow there will be changes, and it will always be to better serve you.


  1. What countries will this affect? All countries, except the U.S. & Canada

  2. When will this go into effect? By May 2022

  3. Will I still be able order fragrances once this goes into effect? Yes! You will be able to order through:  and international distributors. Kindly keep in mind, we are not in anyway affiliated with Com Gateway.  Com Gateway allows you to shop from various US online stores and ship to your home, anywhere in the world. Many of our customers have used Com Gateway with great success!

Become an International Distributor

We are looking for International Distributors in Canada, the U.K., Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. If you are interested in becoming a distributor please email us at for more information.