Oud Orange Imperiale - Sample

Oud Orange Imperiale - Sample

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Inspired by Oud Orange Intense

Comes with
- 2ml Bottle of Oud Orange Imperiale

About her

When she walks into the room, the moods of all are instantly lifted. The seductive citrusy air that she possesses disperses; the recipients happily approach her. They want to know her, take in her intoxicating persona to model themselves after.

The longer you are around her, you realize that she is a little firecracker. This fruity sweet, and yet ever-so-perfectly charred, bourbon-barreled oak scent is invigorating and shows her subtle sophistication. At the end of the evening, you are left with an exotic almost hypnotizing vanilla aura, the only thing remaining to remind you that she was ever there at all.

Scent Profile

This fragrance has a similar DNA to Oud Orange Intense 💕

Notes of Parfum

Top Notes:  Fruity Notes, Coconut / Heart Notes:  Bourbon Vanilla / Base: Vanilla, Agarwood, Musk


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