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Inspired by Holy Peony

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Comes with
- 50ml Bottle of Monroe
- 2ml tester sample for U.S. Orders
- 2 Complementary 5ml samples of choice 

About her

Bring yourself back to the 1950s, the era of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and of course the stunning Marilyn Monroe!

Bouquets of peony and wet rose start the show here, reeling you in with sensations of simplistic beauty. This fragrance has a natural glow that doesn't scream for attention, but showcases what true beauty really is. Simple and sophisticated, yet easy and attractive. Dew notes play in the background to add a depth of watery-freshness like an early morning walk through a garden of flowers. Marilyn Monroe herself loved the scent of Floris Rose Geranium, which was a dewy rose floral fragrance that was unfortunately discontinued. She was an iconic woman who had a natural beauty seen inside and out. Sometimes thought to be too good to be true, this fragrance radiates the essence of natural charm. 

Scent Profile
This fragrance has a similar DNA to Peony 💕

Notes of Parfum
Top Notes: Peony, Dew notes / Heart Notes: Almond, Apricot, Musk / Base Notes: Peony, Rose


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