Inner Beauty Rosée

Inner Beauty Rosée

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Inspired by Delina La Rosée

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Comes with
- 50ml Bottle of Inner Beauty Rosée

About her
Inspired by Delina La Rosée, this fresh floral fragrance is a subtle and delicate duet—the sort that commands attention without uttering a single word, and notable for the immediate indication of sweet litchi--floral and fruity--set off with a delectable blend of juicy pear and watery notes. Even more certain to pique interest in those who fall to its intoxicating nature, it settles nicely into a cadence of incomparable Turkish Rose, Peony, and floral notes over signature white musk, soulful woody notes, and a barely noticeably earthiness of Haitian Vetiver, creating the sort of magic it’s almost impossible to define, and hopeless to eclipse.

Scent Profile
This fragrance has a similar DNA to Delina La Rosée 💕

Notes of Parfum
Top Notes: Litchi, Pear, Bergamot / Heart Notes: Turkish Rose, Peony, Watery notes, Floral notes / Base Notes: White Musk, Woody notes, Haitian Vetiver

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