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Aphrodite's Rose

Aphrodite's Rose

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Inspired by Atomic Rose

Comes with
- 10ml Bottle of Aphrodite's Rose
About her
Enter Aphrodite. 

Hot! Sexy, passion allure. This concoction is the very juice Aphrodite used to seduce all her counterparts to her passion dungeon. Mmm.. Crisp-fresh-morning-dew rose to draw them in, added by whiffs of dark dry amberwoods, and hot pink pepper are topped off with a warm sensual vanilla undertone.

This juice so seductive, it will put your lovers into a near impossible to escape trance. Careful though. They may never come out of their hypnosis! 

Aphrodite's Rose is great for anybody who wants to add a classy sexual aura and induce everyone that takes a whiff to think of you as the most feminine passionate woman in the world. Just like Aphrodite was at the time.

Scent Profile
This fragrance has a similar DNA to Atomic Rose 💕

Notes of Parfum

Top Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Pink Pepper / Heart Notes: Amberwood, Cedar / Base: Vanilla, Red Rose, Almond



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