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Aurora In Sicily

Aurora In Sicily

Inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540 enhanced with notes of Sicilian Mandarin, Hibsicus, Ginger, & White Rum
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- Aurora In Sicily

About her
Experience the dawn of a new day with Aurora In Sicily, a fragrance that captures the radiant beauty of a Sicilian sunrise. This exquisite scent opens with a vibrant blend of violet, jasmine, Sicilian mandarin, coconut, lime, and saffron, evoking the fresh and invigorating aura of the Mediterranean coast.

As the morning light intensifies, the heart notes reveal a rich and enticing combination of praline, ambergris, ginger, and hibiscus. This harmonious blend conjures the warmth and sensuality of the Sicilian landscape, where the golden sun kisses the rolling hills and the sea breeze carries whispers of exotic spices and sweet blooms.

The fragrance settles into a luxurious base of amber, vanilla, white rum, and oakmoss, wrapping you in a comforting embrace that lingers like the last glow of twilight. This captivating finish evokes the serene beauty of Sicily at dusk, where every moment is imbued with timeless elegance and charm.

Aurora In Sicily is a celebration of life's most beautiful moments, designed for those who seek a fragrant escape to a land of sun, sea, and endless possibility. Let this enchanting fragrance transport you to the heart of Sicily, where every sunrise is a promise of new beginnings and boundless joy.

Scent Profile
Smells similar to Baccarat Rouge 540 enhanced with notes of Sicilian Mandarin, Hibsicus, Ginger, & White Rum

Notes of Parfum
Top notes:  Violet, Jasmine, Sicilian Mandarin, Coconut, Lime, Saffron
/ Heart notes:  Praline, Ambergris, Ginger, Hibiscus / Base notes: Amber, Vanilla, White Rum, Oakmoss

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