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Mon Chéri

Mon Chéri

Inspired by Lost Cherry
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- Mon Chéri

About her

Inspired by the intoxicating warmth of Lost Cherry, Mon Chéri is a scent that is sure to have you hungry for more. From the moment you inhale, the lavish notes that you can almost taste—sweet black cherry and almond, that is boozy enough to lower your inhibitions as you transcend the obvious to revel in a more complex mixture of sour cherry, plum, and Turkish Rose, making up the heart notes of this captivating aroma. It touts just a hint of Jasmine, a clever and intriguing cover that suggest innocence isn’t something to be missed. The sophisticated comfort created by a ripened scent trail of creamy tonka beans, warm vanilla, spicy cloves, and an ever so slightly undertone of cedar among a bouquet of balsam, cinnamon, benzoin, and vetiver round this cherry fragrance off with an addicting almost edible, sweet and perfectly spiced aroma.

Scent Profile

This fragrance has a similar DNA to Lost Cherry 💕

Notes of Parfum
Top Notes: Black Cherry, Bitter Almond, Liquor / Heart Notes: Sour Cherry, Plum, Turkish Rose, Jasmine Sambac / Base Notes:  Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Peru Balsam, Cinnamon, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Cloves, Cedar, Patchouli, Vetiver

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