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Shades Of Silence

Shades Of Silence

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Inspired by Hundred Silent Ways

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Comes With
- 10ml Bottle of Shades Of Silence

About her

Authentic beauty. A surrender to innocence.  Something timeless and beyond words…

A scent so true that words are unnecessary, Shades of Silence was inspired by the pure poetry of Hundred Silent Ways.  Why choose Shades of Silence over a perfume that shouts from the heights? It’s implicitly simple, really. Those who cross your path will be enamored with the sheer seduction of the scent, though you’ll find none of them able to accurately express the bewitching allure that draws them in.  Perhaps it’s the honeyed lure of tuberose and peach infused with orange.  It might be the but buttery smooth heart notes of orris mingled with jasmine and gardenia, just as indubitable, strengthening the spell to make silence even more golden.  Whatever the agent, all affected are enveloped in something even more biding and precious: the cozy pallet of vanilla, the familiarity of sandalwood, and the citrusy warm comfort of vetiver that soothes and beckons so completely. Ironically, that the culmination needs no words at all--only that the subject and the impressed succumb altogether in its delight.

Scent Profile
This fragrance has a similar DNA to Hundred Silent Ways 💕

Notes of Parfum
Top Notes: Tuberose, Peach, Mandarin Orange / Heart Notes: Gardenia, Jasmine, Orris / Base Notes: Vanilla, Vetiver, Sandalwood


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