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Fiery Goddess: Sweet Lavender Milk

Fiery Goddess: Sweet Lavender Milk

Inspired by God Of Fire & Feve Delicieuse
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Comes with
- Fiery Goddess: Sweet Lavender Milk

About her
Unleash the power and grace of Fiery Goddess Sweet Lavender Milk, a fragrance that blends bold sensuality with soothing sweetness. This captivating scent opens with a dazzling burst of mango, lemon, ginger, lavender, and red berries, evoking the vibrant energy and fiery spirit of a goddess who commands attention and admiration.

As the fragrance unfolds, the heart notes reveal a rich and complex medley of woody notes, sour cherry, coumarin, jasmine, and vanilla. This enchanting blend captures the dual nature of the Fiery Goddess—passionate and fierce yet elegant and poised. The intoxicating aroma of sour cherry and vanilla dances with the delicate floral notes, creating an irresistible symphony of scents.

The base notes of milk, musk, amber, cypriol oil, cedar, and agarwood provide a warm and comforting foundation, enveloping you in a creamy embrace that lingers on the skin. This soothing finish evokes the essence of sweet lavender milk, offering a sense of calm and tranquility that balances the fiery top and heart notes.

Fiery Goddess Sweet Lavender Milk is a celebration of strength and sweetness, designed for those who embrace their inner fire with grace and elegance. Let this mesmerizing fragrance transport you to a realm where passion and serenity coexist, creating an unforgettable sensory experience that embodies the essence of a true goddess.

Scent Profile
This fragrance is a hybrid of God Of Fire & Feve Delicieuse

Notes of Parfum
Top notes: Mango, Lemon, Ginger, Lavender, Red Berries / Heart notes: Woody notes, Sour Cherry, Coumarin, Jasmin, Vanilla / Base notes: Milk, Musk, Amber, Cypriol Oil, Cedar, Agarwood

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